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Global Data Center and 网络优化

Empowering IT teams to think bigger - and act faster.


无论你在哪里 IT infrastructure management lifecycle, you can count on Park Place to make the process more efficient. 从采购到退役, our portfolio of services and products will optimize your budget and free your team to focus on big-picture initiatives.

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A global data center and networking optimization firm.
Empower IT teams to think bigger – and act faster.
Via a comprehensive portfolio of services and products:
- 柏苑五金保养™
- 柏苑专业十大赌博正规老平台™
- Entuity软件™

奖 & 识别

Park Place Optimizes Your Data Center and 网络ing Uptime and Performance

We make managing your IT infrastructure less time consuming and more cost efficient — while boosting IT performance staff productivity, 可持续性, 和正常运行时间. Empowering IT teams to think bigger - and act faster.
  • optimize productivity pillar - woman looking at map on screen
    • Consolidate services, manage fewer partners
    • Free your highly qualified staff from mundane tasks e.g.补丁管理,分诊
    • 补充员工技能上的差距
    • Add temporary capacity to handle surges in activity
  • 优化预算支柱形象
    • Save 30-40% on hardware maintenance vs. OEM的支持
    • Save 55-90% on new and preowned hardware
    • 捆绑十大赌博正规老平台以节省更多
    • Consolidate from several NPM tools to one with Entuity
  • optimize performance pillar screenshot of Entuity product
    • 增加正常运行时间
    • 加快根本原因分析
    • 更快的平均修复时间
    • 首次修复™保证
  • park place 可持续性 optimization
    • Extend the life of existing hardware
    • Buy refurbished hardware instead of new
    • Repurpose, resell or recycle hardware
    • Automated monitoring and 首次修复™保证 reduce the number of trips needed to address issues